Monday, July 17, 2006


Ok, I have NOT been keeping this up. A bit like my knitting, actually. I start off full of good intentions, but soon forget all about those intentions. While I may not have been posting here, I HAVE been busy knitting, and other things.
My daughter has moved back home, and it's actually nice to have her back in the fold - so to speak. My son has a job, which is wonderful. It's full-time, and NOT dependent on the weather, which is even gooder - I know, not a proper word; but it fits.
I havae several photos that I need to get loaded on to here, and will do that over the next few days. When I get time, and when I remember. I have a computer course starting tomorrow. It's Computing Level 3, which covers, among other things, web design. I REALLY want to learn about web design.
So, this is rather short and sweet, I should be getting dressed, and doing a few things around the house. So will try to post again this week - no promises, though.