Friday, December 09, 2005

Only two more weeks left!!!!

Until Christmas that is. I am pretty laid back about Christmas this year. Both children are getting money, and something small. They are too old for me to be trying to sort out what to buy them as gifts. I had hoped to be able to make something this year, but none of my family seem to appreciate hand-made things as gifts. I don't think they realise all the work that actually goes into making things.

Friday, November 25, 2005

A just because update

I'm only doing this because I feel like it!! lol I've got so many scarves on the needles, now I know where all my needles are disappearing to!!! It's not that I need any more scarves, but these patterns are too nice NOT to do. I may well end up sending most of them to others. We shall see when I finally get some of them finished.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Kiri

I suddenly realized I should add a link to the Kiri shawl pattern,in-case there was anyone interested in doing it. There is also a group dedicated to the Kiri. Just go to yahoo groups, and you will find it there. Anyway, here is the link for the pattern, which is in pdf format. my_images/my_patterns/kiri.pdf

It is a really good pattern, and once you get into the rhythm, goes pretty quickly.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

An FO!!

I finally finished my doily!!! This is the first time I've ever done a crochet chain cast off. It took a little getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, it was actually quite easy. Here are two pictures of the doily. The first one is before blocking - just off the needle/hook. The second picture is of it drying on the freezer.

What a difference blocking makes!!! On to the next project - my Kiri really needs some work on it. A very good friend of mine has lent me her 5.5mm long circular needles. A very big thank you, Donna, for that. I'm up to 6 repeats each side on my Kiri. Don't know how big I'll make it.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Kiri

After seeing pictures of others Kiri's, I now know that I really shall have to do my next one in the original colours I had picked out for it. Yes, I am talking about doing a second Kiri!!! I will finish this one I have on the needles, and will definitely be doing another one. Am I crazy, or what?!?!? lol

Friday, November 11, 2005

Some more work I'm doing

Here are a couple more pictures of work I"m doing. The multi coloured thing on the floor, is actually a baby blanket I'm putting together for someone. I am provided with the squares, and then I just do a DC(english term), around the outside of each square, then crochet slip-stitch them together. I'm trying to stick to a pattern with this blanket, and onlyhope I have enough of the colours to do the whole blanket. I think it will be a cot sized blanket, not sure, yet.
The other picture is of a scarf I've recently started. Yes, there are three balls!! It's going to be braided, once the three seperate pieces have beenknitted to the right length. Then, I shall do as a very good friend of mine suggested - thanks for that Donna - and I shall knit about 1" with the three joined - after I've braided them of course!! I think this one will be getting sent overseas, butnot sure, yet. I may decide I like it too much.
Although I won't be needing it until next winter. It being nice and hot, and summery over here.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I joined a ring

And have no idea of how to make use of it!!! How's that for dumb?!?!? I'm supposed to add something to this site, but don't know how!!!!
I'm still working on the doily, not too far to go on it. It ends up with 600sts in total!!! That is gonna take me a while to work each round, I can tell you!!! I already have the next doily planned, though. It looks really nice, and will not be doing it in white.
I'm also putting together a baby blanket for someone. I get supplied the squares. I just need to put them together. Easy! Yeah right! Trying to come up with the right colour combinations, with bright pink, bright orange, and dark brown, and colours as opposite as those, is NOT an easy thing!!! Fun, though. I've actually got two of them to do. I will take a picture of the first one, once I've got a few more of the squares put together.

Monday, November 07, 2005


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I have no idea what I'm doing here. It seems to have worked!!!! Wow!!! Now what?!?!? lol

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Some more work I've been doing

Here are a couple of pictures of a doily that I'm knitting. I've finally been able to get it on one circular needle. I started this doily on two circular needles, don't really like DPN's.

The first picture is a close up of the doily. It has been a challange for me, but well worth the effort. I already have another doily that I want to do. This next one is called 'Flowers in the Trees'.

Monday, October 31, 2005

It's a long weekend

and I've been busy knitting - again!!! Nothing new there.I ALWAYS have something on the needles, or the hooks if I'm in a crocheting mood. So, I have some more pictures to add here. This first one is of the Kiri I am doing, I need to get a good circular needle, and transfer it to the circ. The photo doesn't really do justice to the pattern, because the colour is a darker purple than it looks.

This next picture is of the first towel topper I did. I finished it yesterday. It's a knitted one, and I'm actually quite pleased with the way it looks.

Friday, October 28, 2005

A finished article!!!

I have finally finished something!!! I know that doesn't sound a lot, but when you realise that I am one of those people who am really great at starting, not so good at finishing. This is a scarf from It's not as big as it could have been, because I didn't use the wool, or needles they specified in the pattern. Anyway, here is a picture of the scarf - if I can work out how to get the picture from the CD, first!! lol

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Restarted my Kiri

Well...I restartedmy Kiri - again!!! This time I'm using 5.5mm needled, on some yarn that is a mystery to me. It is working on these needles, though. Now that I have the hang of how the pattern works, I will be able to move along quite well. I'll have to take a picture, and put up a progress photo.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kewl, somebody read this!!

Wow!!!! I really didn't expect to see comments!!! Thank you!!! lol
Anyway, I', going to take some picture os some of the things I have on the needles, and start putting them up here for viewing. I'm NOT going to photograph ALL the things I have going, as there are just way too many!!! I start things quite happily, just finishing them, and NOT starting anything new is my problem!! lol There are just too many patterns that I need to try, and not enough time to do them all, so Ifigure if I start some of them, I might eventually get them finished. Sounds good to me, anyway. :)
Now I'm going to see if I remember how to put up a picture. This one will be of my daughter on the occasion of her 21st birthday, which was in August of this year.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Has it been a while!!!!!

I'd almost forgotten I even had this blog. Nobody reads it, anyway, so it don't really matter. My daughter moves out after work today. I am really going to miss her, but I know she is ready for this. At least, she isn't moving out of town, or out of the country!!!! That has got to be good!!!
I finally have a memory card for my digital camera, so will now be able to take more photos, especially of my knitting, and crocheting. Then I may even be able to post some of them up here, to make this look more interesting.
Now off to learn how to add this to my signature, when I post on the groups I'm in.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Got some wood

We finally were able to get some wood for the fire. It is so much nicer having the fire going than the gas heater. I finished a really nice scarf, don't know who this will go to. I need to take a picture of it. I used 9mm needles, and the yarn is called Moa. It is a cheap one from The Warehouse. I like it, and have started another, but this time I'm using 10mm needles, and 20sts. This one may be for me, I don't know yet. Will see once it is finished. I'm also working on some 10" squares that are finished with a round of black. These are crochted, and for a swap I've joined.
Now I need to learn how to add this blog to my emails. I know it can be done, I just am not sure how to do it!!! Silly aye.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Finished at last

I finally got some socks completed. I have knitted a pair of baby socks, in green 4-ply Perendale, which were really easy. Then I finally got the second sock finished of a pair for my daughter. These were made from Patonyle, self-patterning. They look really nice, even if I do say so myself. I just have to work out how to add pictures to this blog. Don't know how to do that, yet.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Okay, here's hoping I'm doing this right. I need to learn how to upload photos, to make this a more interesting place to come to. Gotta GET some photos first, though. I have finished a cloth that I have given to my son for his car. I knitted it on 9mm needles, and used a strand of WILD COTTON, and a strand of some cotton I got from a jersey I'd unpicked. It's a white cloth, but that's okay, the used cotton isn't really any good for anything else.
I've also finally started a mystery stole that I'm doing as part of a KAL. I'm doing it in a lovely blue 4ply Perendale, and on 4.5mm needles. I really like this colour, and so far the pattern is behaving itself.
I'm also knitting a shawl from A Gathering of Lace. This is also coming out really nice. Once I get a memory card for my camera, I will take some progress pics, and get them posted here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My first attempt.

Okay, this is a first for me. NO pictures, yet. Gotta give me a chance. I need to explore this world of an online diary, and see just how much of myself I want to expose. This is supposed to be about my attempts to get my UFP's and WIP's under control. I love starting new patterns, but, have trouble finishing them. I also suffer SSS, which needs some working on. Joining a sock group is no help, 'cos it just causes me to have more single socks!!!! But.............I've joined two - or is it three - sock groups. I have no idea of what I'm doing here, so will just ifnish this first post here, and go and do some more knitting on a wrap that I really should have finished months ago, as it is already winter here in New Zealand.