Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The smallest cloth I have ever done

I know, two days in a row!!!! BUT, I have a picture, actually a couple of pictures, of the smallest cloth I have EVER knitted. This little masterpiece was knitted in very fine cotton - the sort you usually use for doilies - and on 2.25mm needles. I hav deliberately left the ends unweaved, just so you can see how thin the cotton I used, is. It DOES actually have a little heart in the middle. Next time, I will use even smaller needles - maybe even bamboo skewers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some cloths

In between doing the MS3, I've been working on some cloths. They are quick, easy, and a nice break when you have had to visit the frog-pond AGAIN, for the second time!!! Completely ripped out the blue stole I was working on, it was too floppy. So, before casting on AGAIN, I decided to take a break and do these cloths.

This is called June 3 Cloth by Jo Winslow, and is crocheted. I did it with one stand of a blue/white thin, cotton, with one strand of jute. I like it, and have only just realised, how the colours slant - never noticed it before.

This one, which doesn't show up very well, is called Ridged Openwork cloth, by Jo Schubert. It is knitted, in a lovely pale blue, which is lightly variegated with other shades of blue.

And now for the last photo. This is a Kiwi cloth, by Susan Brewer. I knitted this one today, and it is in a pale orange cotton. I LOVE this cloth - being a Kiwi myself - as we New Zealanders are called.
Now back to my stole - the cream version without the beads. AFTER I finish the bag I'm knitting. Or as a break from the bag. Hey, they could end up being a break from each other!! Until the Harry Potter book comes out on Saturday, anyway. Then ALL knitting is on hold until AFTER I finish the book. Could be looking at an all-nighter here.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I have joined, and started the stole from the above yahoo group. I have finished chart A, and chart B, and here are the results. Of course, it will look much better once it is blocked, but that needs to wait. The wool is unknown. It is on a good size cone, with no labels. I got it from a local second-hand shop. It is thin, and I am using 4mm needles. I am enjoying knitting this up, and seeing what the pattern will become.