Friday, November 30, 2007

A boring post

Nothing very interesting in this post, just thought I should write something. I'm working part time, now, and have been doing more hours because of it being so close to Christmas - the silly season shoppers wise. We are gearing up for the big Card Holders sale on 6th Dec, which means we will be open until midnight. Ive pulled the late shift - starting at 11am, and finish at 12am. We get to have strawberries, ice cream and cherries as a reward. The cherries will be fresh, as they are just starting to sell some now, and the strawberries should also be fresh. We are also allowed to 'dress up' in something Christmassy (sp?). I've got a santa hat, and need something else - my sister has a red santa jacket thingy, hopefully I will fit it.
We have our end of year work function tomorrow night, and will be wearing a mask, and there will also be kareoke. Dont think I will be singing, though - I cant sing to save myself!!!
My daughter has gotten engaged, which is really great news. They have set the date for 15th November, next year. I want to lose some weight before the wedding - not too much, but something. I've already started to change my eating habits, and have some exercises printed off that I really need to get started on. Natasha is already writing a list of what they need to do, and get, for the wedding.
Ahh well, I did say this wasn't a very interesting post. I need to head off to bed, it's early I know, but I'm tired, and have work tomorrow. I need a good nights sleep.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A rather boring post

This isn't much of a post. I'm just checking in on my own blog. I got me a new laptop, and having fun being able to go online without having to wait for the PC being free. I'm still keeping things on the PC, if only because this isn't set up to a printer, yet. That will probably be next on the list.
I'm also STILL getting used to Ravelry. I'm not too sure if I really want to own up to the stash I have. It's not even organised, a lot of it is still in plastic bags. AND, it's still all over the floor, BUT, NOT, in the lounge any more - at least, not ALL of it. I think my patterns are more organised than my wool, and so are my books. But they are easy to get into order. LOL