Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Man flu'

It struck this weekend. Husband came home from work on Friday with it. He spent all day Saturday in bed with it. Upon only giving a cup of soup for lunch, he decided on Sunday that he could get out of bed. He has a cold - but the male version of the cold - so that means he is really not well. Why don't we females get our version of 'man flu'? I know we do - it's called continuing our work, and not going to bed, even if we really need to. To much to do, not enough time to do it. Am on a bootee knitting time at the moment. Have a handsome grandson that needs them. As it is starting to get cold down there in Christchurch, I need to get cracking on them. Already have three pair made, don't know how many I will make. I really want to make the 'Bigger on the Inside' shawl that it currently up on Knitty. I am a Dr Who fan, and this looks just what I need to make next. Maybe I can make this my last pair of bootees, and start the shawl? Hey it works for me!! I have some blue wool I can use, too. Should do the job just nicely.