Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am still here.

I thought a post was well overdue. I've actually still got photos that I need to get organised, and loaded up here. Since starting work, I've not had a lot of time to post, or to do much of anything else for that matter. I'm STILL trying to get more organised - not an easy thing to do for someone who isn't really an organised person!!
Even my knitting has be languishing, but that is changing. I'm doing it for about ten minutes before heading off to work, and sometimes, but not often, in the evening. I think thats why my stole had mistakes in it, because I had left it for too long, and it was feeling very left out. Mistakes are fixed, and we are back on speaking terms again - I've promised I wont leave it for so long again - unless I get distracted by something else - not that I told the stole that!!!
My job has changed. I'm now a One on One sales person. Which means I get a commission on certain things that I sell. Its more pressure, because you have to meet a sales target each day, and I've only met it once this week, yesterday being a REALLY quiet day. Actually, so was Monday. I like the department I am in now, though, the day goes really fast there. It is the furniture, and small appliances department. More paperwork, you also get to spend a little more time with customers - hence the One on One title.
Anway, I must away. Gotta get dressed, do some shopping - wool shopping that is - and other boring things to do.