Saturday, March 03, 2007

Some UFO's to report

I must say, I like this new setup, it makes things so much easier! Anyway after such a long time of not posting here, I have some UFO's to report.

First is a pair of socks that are going to be winging their way to New Orleans next week.

This next pair are ones I made for my sister. They were quick to make, because they are only ankle type ones. BTW, Laurel is actually modelling both pair of socks.

And last, we have the Rock-Snot Scarf that I made for Laurel. The reason I called it Rock-Snot is beause the yarn looks just like that! Here is a link to show what Rock-Snot actually is:

Here is the picture of the scarf.


Diane said...

really beautiful socks.

Pennie said...

Great socks love the colors

2dot said...

Ok. I'm Connie, and I'm addicted to unusual fibers. Can you share your source for Rock Snot yarn? email is 2dot at peak dot org

Any enabling on your part is appreciated. I'm in Oregon, home of Socks that Rock yarn, I can't think of something more symmetrical than Rock Snot Socks that Rock.