Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some cloths

In between doing the MS3, I've been working on some cloths. They are quick, easy, and a nice break when you have had to visit the frog-pond AGAIN, for the second time!!! Completely ripped out the blue stole I was working on, it was too floppy. So, before casting on AGAIN, I decided to take a break and do these cloths.

This is called June 3 Cloth by Jo Winslow, and is crocheted. I did it with one stand of a blue/white thin, cotton, with one strand of jute. I like it, and have only just realised, how the colours slant - never noticed it before.

This one, which doesn't show up very well, is called Ridged Openwork cloth, by Jo Schubert. It is knitted, in a lovely pale blue, which is lightly variegated with other shades of blue.

And now for the last photo. This is a Kiwi cloth, by Susan Brewer. I knitted this one today, and it is in a pale orange cotton. I LOVE this cloth - being a Kiwi myself - as we New Zealanders are called.
Now back to my stole - the cream version without the beads. AFTER I finish the bag I'm knitting. Or as a break from the bag. Hey, they could end up being a break from each other!! Until the Harry Potter book comes out on Saturday, anyway. Then ALL knitting is on hold until AFTER I finish the book. Could be looking at an all-nighter here.

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