Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This took forever

Or, at least, it felt like it took forever. Towards the end, each round was taking me AT LEAST 5mins to complete. There are 29 rounds to this table topper. I called it a doily in an earlier post, but I was mistaken. It is clearly NOT a doily, but instead, a table topper. I love the pattern, but am not sure if I would do it again. I got the pattern from a Crochet Monthly magazine that I get. I have blocked it as much as I can just for the picture. Need to do it a bit more, just to get it to spread out better.


Nanasharp said...

What a beautiful job! I love pineapples and crochet. Can you share the pattern? If so, my email is nana_sharp59@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Knitman said...

And it was well worth the time, it is beautiful.

Tonya said...

Is this a pattern you could share?
tonya underscore stewart at hotmail dot com