Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Restarted my Kiri

Well...I restartedmy Kiri - again!!! This time I'm using 5.5mm needled, on some yarn that is a mystery to me. It is working on these needles, though. Now that I have the hang of how the pattern works, I will be able to move along quite well. I'll have to take a picture, and put up a progress photo.


Kajun Klingon said...

Hey There fellow DDDer.....Don't you just hate these spammers? I sure do! Where is Natashia's picture?

addictedknitter said...

Janet!!!! Hello!!! The picture of Natasha is on my blog, under this post about my Kiri. Is there any way of getting rid of spammers?!?!? I've just deleted the two comments, didn't actually want them there. :)