Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I joined a ring

And have no idea of how to make use of it!!! How's that for dumb?!?!? I'm supposed to add something to this site, but don't know how!!!!
I'm still working on the doily, not too far to go on it. It ends up with 600sts in total!!! That is gonna take me a while to work each round, I can tell you!!! I already have the next doily planned, though. It looks really nice, and will not be doing it in white.
I'm also putting together a baby blanket for someone. I get supplied the squares. I just need to put them together. Easy! Yeah right! Trying to come up with the right colour combinations, with bright pink, bright orange, and dark brown, and colours as opposite as those, is NOT an easy thing!!! Fun, though. I've actually got two of them to do. I will take a picture of the first one, once I've got a few more of the squares put together.

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