Friday, November 11, 2005

Some more work I'm doing

Here are a couple more pictures of work I"m doing. The multi coloured thing on the floor, is actually a baby blanket I'm putting together for someone. I am provided with the squares, and then I just do a DC(english term), around the outside of each square, then crochet slip-stitch them together. I'm trying to stick to a pattern with this blanket, and onlyhope I have enough of the colours to do the whole blanket. I think it will be a cot sized blanket, not sure, yet.
The other picture is of a scarf I've recently started. Yes, there are three balls!! It's going to be braided, once the three seperate pieces have beenknitted to the right length. Then, I shall do as a very good friend of mine suggested - thanks for that Donna - and I shall knit about 1" with the three joined - after I've braided them of course!! I think this one will be getting sent overseas, butnot sure, yet. I may decide I like it too much.
Although I won't be needing it until next winter. It being nice and hot, and summery over here.

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