Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wedding

The bride was beautiful, with long loose curls, her hair down and blowing in the wind that was getting up. She was holding hand of her little seven year old cousin, (actually her cousins 7yo daughter), and was carrying a small bouquet of flowers. She was wearing a red dress, with a smoky blue coat. Both were in the Medieval style. Her father was walking right alongside her, in his costume, and he was very good looking. He looked a bit like Henry VIII!
The groom took one look at this beautiful vision walking towards him, and the tears started. He looked very good in his knights costume, with a court jester by his side, and three knights standing in attendance.
The bride was attended by her senior bridesmaid, who wore a blue dress, with red ribbon, and carrying a small bouquet of white roses.Then another bridesmaid, also in blue, with red ribbon, and also carrying white roses. There were also two flower girls, dressed in red, and also carrying white roses. One of the flower girls was holding the brides hand, and other was leading the bridal party. The music was Westlife, Flying without wings.
The guests were dressed in costume, as requested by the bride. There were a few that weren't able to dress up, but those that did looked really good. The ceremony was touching, and not too long. The photos were all outside, among the grape vines, and the bride shone through it all.

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