Thursday, August 09, 2012

Rain, rain, rain!!!

It has been raining so much these last few days. My husband got stuck at work, he wasn't able to make it home, after doing a 12hour shift, due to the road having flooding. He finally got home at about 11am. The sun did make an appearance today, which was really nice, but the river in town is up quite high. Our section had so much water on it, I don't think it can take anymore. Now I also have hayfever!!! Making my nose itchy, my eyes itchy, and I'm sneezing quite a lot. At least it's not asthma, don't want that again.
These are the latest pictures of my handsome grandsons. William is the red-head - isn't he cute. I love his hair colour. To think he is nearly one year old already!!! Noah is nearly six months old. He looks just like his dad - my son - did at that age. So like father, like son!!

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Janey said...

You said your red-headed grandson was cute (and he is too!) - but it reminded me of one of my family's stories. My mother had just been born, so my grandmother and her new baby were still in the hospital. Once when they brought the baby in to its mother, the sunlight caught - and showed - her red hair. The baby's mother (my grandmother) was quite adamant that the baby was not hers. Not with that colour of hair!