Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Enforced knitting time

I have been forced to stay off my feet for a few days, so am using that time to try and get some of my UFO's under control. They are ALL clamouring for me to work on them, but I only have two arms!!!! It is winter over here, and there are weather warnings out due to the heavy frosts we are experiencing at the moment. These frosts are so heavy, peoples car doors are freezing shut!!! On my way to KITE, (where I do my computer course), yesterday morning, I fell on a patch of ice. Yes, I was walking, because KITE is only a five minute walk from here. Anyway, I have done minor damage to my right knee, which means crutches, and rest. Good thing we are onto the last week of this semester, and have a weeks break before going back for more.
I have come to the conclusion that you CAN have too many WIP's. This is more so if you have something on the needles - in really hairy mohair - BUT you don't have the pattern to match, AND you don't even know WHERE the pattern is - not good!!! Try unpicking REALLY hairy mohair - or even contemplating frogging it - brings on nightmares I tell you. Today, I found the pattern to match my mohair creation, and will have sweet dreams of how it will look when finished. I need more bags, to keep pattern AND WIP together. One for each WIP, or UFO, whichever may be the case. That's a few more bags I need - AT LEAST eight more. Hmm. . . is that a sign I have too many?!?!?
I HAVE finished something, though. It's a scarf. Out of recycled silk material. I knitted it on 10mm needles in a 1x1 rib. Have been wearing it since I finished it. Should really get a picture taken. At least this didn't need blocking, and I'm sure it is getting longer everytime I wear it!!! LOL

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