Friday, June 29, 2007

These are my accessories

You know how we are told to accessorise? Well. . . I do, but, not the way most people think of accessories. Mine are my scarves. I have a goodly collection - actually, I have more than I thought I did. I find scarves another good way of testing a pattern, a yarn, a combination of colours, and they are sooooooooo easy to whip up.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of all the scarves I have in my collection. The pictures aren't the best, because it is a dull, cloudy day over here.

Actually, that is a picture of me!!!!!!!!!! lol Wasn't meant to add that here, but will keep it anyway. Now you know what I look like!!! On to the scarves.

These particular scarves are made from various wools. There is even a sock scarf in there. It's the one between the brown, and the one on the end. The second scarf. It was fun to make.

Another three scarves done with some fancy yarn. All three were done on biggish neeldes, from 8mm up to 15mm.

And now for the last picture. These four are my latest creations. Well...except for the yellow/multi coloured one, that was finished ages ago, but just got it's ends sewn in today.
The green one, and the brown - the one next to the yellow scarf - were both done with Moda Vera Butterfly. The green one was done on 6.5mm needles, with a drop stitch. The brown was done on 15mm needles. The other scarf, and the picture does it NO justice, is made from recycled silk fabric, which has been spun. I did it on 6.5mm needles, and a 1x1 rib. The yellow one is the multi-directional diagonal scarf from Iris Schreier's book Modular Knits.


Amanda said...

Wow! You've been busy. Your scarf collection is one that would be tough to top. They all look lovely.

Mary Anne said...

I've come here from your post on the KnitList. I love your scarves, all of them, but my favourite is the green scarf from Moda Vera butterfly. It's a beautiful colour and looks so cozy. You've inspired me to start knitting my scarves again :).

Anna said...

The sock-scarf is great. It made me laugh.