Monday, January 19, 2009

What a day!!!

What a day at work!!!! The tills were down all day through most of the shop. There were only three tills operating, and they were over at the other end of the shop. In our department, we also didn't have a computer, which is a real pain. Our MFC got rather wet on saturday, and it is now fried - totally. We depend on that, too. You dont realise just how much, until you dont have it to use. Because we werent able to put sales through, you would have thought I could get my jobs done - not on your nellie!!! I think I only got two jobs completed, and thats because I ended up directig people through to the other side, where the working tills were. We dont even know if things will be up and running tomorrow - lets hope they are. Two days in a row, like today, is NOT good!!!


Aunt Kathy said...

I hope tomorrow things are running as they should.

Janey said...

You do not seem to be keeping up with this blog all that well in 2009.

I keep coming here from a knitting group ... only to find there's nothing new to read. Sigh.

I am NOT nagging - I'm sure there are reasons. At least I get to read about what you are doing - knitting-wise - in the group.

Take care,